Thursday, May 17, 2012

Potassium... the battle has been lost.

One of the issues while doing Peritoneal Dialysis is that the dialysis process strips protein and potassium out of the body each time I do an exchange. Since I started dialysis I have added extreme amounts of potassium, through foods, into my diet. For example, a banana is considered one high potassium serving. I've been eating the equivalent of 4-5 high potassium servings a day. Usually I eat bananas, kiwis or potatoes as those are the easiest way for me to get my potassium.
Unfortunatly every time my nurse checks my blood for potassium it is still low. So now I have to take a potassium supplement. That is one thing I've noticed with being under constant medical care is they want to give a supplement for everything. I've also been prescribed calcitrol and I'm given an iron shot every two weeks due to anemia.
While talking to my nurse on the phone yesterday about the potassium she says to me "Well, we just need to get you a new kidney!". Yep... that would be the plan. 

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  1. In the meantime, lots of banana splits? ;-) Hugs to you!