Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Potassium Supplement Has Arrived

A few days ago I posted my losing battle with potassium. After several weeks of struggling to get my potassium levels to an acceptable range I finally admitted defeat and told my nurse I would take the supplement. Thanks to the magic of the phone and mailed prescriptions, that supplement has arrived, already. What I was expecting was a pill that I would take once or twice a day along with my other rapidly expanding array of meds. Well, thats not what I got. Oh no. What I received was little packets of 'powder' that say to add to water and take..... FOUR times a day! Yes, you read that right. FOUR times a day. Someone please tell me how a busy mother of three who has a horrible memory to begin with is going to take a supplement four times a day? I honestly cried when I read those instructions... but it was  a rough day physically so I think I'm allowed the tears.

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