Monday, May 28, 2012

Ferry Boat Ride and Gig Harbor

Today the whole family, including my Dad and Sister took a ferry boat ride from Fauntleroy to South... (something... ) and then drove to Gig Harbor. It was very windy and chilly on the ferry, but beautiful! It has been about two years since we were last on a ferry boat and Kaleb couldn't even remember what a ferry was.

Kaleb, Kirby and Kyle - 5/28/2012

Me and my husband Jeremy

Kirby and Auntie

After the ferry ride we drove for a ways and saw some signs for a park called Long Lake, where we stopped and let the boys play and eat their lunch.

After the short trip across (about 20 minutes) we drove through Gig Harbor and stopped for lunch at Kelly's Cafe. We were going to eat at the Red Rooster restaurant but they told us they were under staffed and it would be an hour wait! Kelly's was a great choice. Good food and delicious ice cream! Although Kirby, the lover of cookies, had a huge cookie insteads of ice cream.

All in all it was a beautiful and pleasant day!

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