Sunday, April 15, 2012

A sun shiny weekend.

We were blessed with a beautiful weekend! In the Seattle area we go a long long time without seeing the sun so when it does come out to play, life seems more wonderful. We spent most of Saturday at my mothers garden. Although technically it is our garden now also. She is renting 4 spots at large community garden and we are helping to weed and plant. This will help us out this year as I don't know that I will get my own garden planted in our small backyard. Last year we had a pretty decent garden using seven raised beds. I followed the square foot gardening book and we really did end up with a lot of produce for the space. Unfortunately we need to add some good top soil to the beds and without a truck of our own to do it, I'm not sure it will happen. Also... I really don't have the energy.

The other neat thing about the community garden we visited is that they have two huge chicken coops with two different groups of chickens. The boys really enjoyed looking at the Rhode Island Reds, and the white chickens with the bare bottoms (molting)! My favorite was a handsome black rooster and his two beautiful black hens. I haven't researched yet, but I'd love to find out the breed because some day... I want some of those!

Hopefully next time we go to the garden I will remember the camera!

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