Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Curriculum Shopping In The Antique Mall

Whoever heard of curriculum shopping in an antique mall? "Great idea, why didn't I think of that?" you might say. Well, I thought of it first! Lol.
Actually, I went out to breakfast this morning with my mom and sister as Lydia turned 36 today ("Happy Birthday Lydia!") and someone suggested going to the antique store a few blocks over. As we were browsing slowly through the booths and aisles I came across a stack of Popular Science magazines. I realized those would make a great supplement to any history or science curriculum. So as we continued through the store I kept my eyes peeled for anything else that could be a resource. There were many great items I had to pass on due to price... really I can't afford to pay $20 for a math book from 1930. There were soooo many old fun reading books, such as the Bobbsy Twins, Little Peppers and many many more I just couldn't afford. I did however write down the titles of some amazing books I saw in the hopes of finding them online or in a thrift store. We went to two different antique stores, one in Milton and one in Puyallup and spent over three hours browsing. It was a lot of fun.
I bought three different copies of Mechanix Illustrated, they were published in 1968 and one copy of Build It from 1959. Build It has great illustrations on different building products. One of the magazines had a great article about what they expected the future to be like in 40 years (the article was published in 1968). I bought a copy of Life magazine, it was a special edition 1969 To The Moon and Back. A few older reading books and.... a cabbage patch doll and a dress pattern. Why the doll? I'm weird like that, perhaps because I was never allowed to have one when I was a kid. Plus it was only $9.00! Hehe.
I also found a neat magazine that is a bit newer, its called The Good Old Days and you can visit their website here. Fun reading!

I hope to do more antique shopping in the future!

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