Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dialysis and Blood Sugar

Prior to starting dialysis my blood sugar levels where controlled perfectly well by diet. My A1C for the last 3 months was 5.9 which is in the normal range. Then I started dialysis.... since then my blood sugar levels are no longer controlled and my fasting sugars in the morning are high, in the 140-180 range.
Peritoneal Dialysis puts dextrose into the abdominal cavity, dextrose has glucose. The liquid works itself around (but not into) all the organs and depending on each body, the membrane absorbs the glucose differently. Generally though a days worth of dialysis treatments adds 400-800 calories. If you have tried to lose weight, or struggled with weight loss and/or diabetes, you will know that is not a good thing. Take a person that is already struggling to lose weight and pack on an extra 400-800 calories, plus throw their blood sugar out of wack and its not good.
Eventually I will just be put on medications for diabetes, because of the glucose in the dialysite solution that is pulling toxins out of my body. Win some you lose some, I guess?

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