Monday, June 25, 2012

Field Trip - Pioner Farms

Today we went to Pioneer Farms Museum in Eatonville, WA. I remember going to a pioneer farm as a child, but I could not remember where it was. I wondered if Pioneer Farms in Eatonville would stir any memories... but as we walked through it I realized it was probably not the same place. However, my kids, especially my 5 year old enjoyed themselves! There were so many hands on activities to do, the weather was decent and the company was great!

Grinding flour the old fashioned way!

Rolling bread dough, even big brother was helping out.

A corner view of the cabin including a bed full of dress up clothes for the kids to try on.

Some old fashioned wooden toys for the kids to try out.

This is an outside view of the cabin, as you can see it is huge. It was made large purposelly so they could fit in large groups of people. There were other smaller cabins on the property that we were able to go into to see how the pioneers lived in smaller homes.


Each child got a chance to try milking a cow.

We found an egg, it was hiding under a chicken. Imagine that?! lol

They had some of the tamest chickens I've ever seen....

An inside view of one of the smaller cabins.

A wagon ride too!

Luckily for me this trip was organized by one of the wonderful women from our Homeschool co-op and so we got in with the much cheaper and affordable group rate! I highly suggest that as the way to go to save money. However, I'm hoping to go again in the future with the kiddos! There was so much to see and so many hands on activities this post doesn't do it justice.... neither do my poor quality photos, lol. Maybe some day I'll have a fancy shmansy camera like all the other blogger mamas! Ok... probably not... but a girl can dream can't she?

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