Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Field Trip - Ohop Indian Village

Part of our field trip to Pioneer Farms yesterday included a seperate tour of the Ohop Indian Village. I have to say though that it wasn't exactly a village... it was three seperate 'stations' depicting different things. Apparently the Native Americans in our area where lodge dwellers (not teepee dwellers) and the 'Ohop Indian Village' just shows some partially constructed out buildings, not any complete structures. I suppose though that it would be a lot of work to construct a complete winter lodge. There were a lot of interesting things to see and more hands on activities that the kids really enjoyed. Judging by how much my middle child enjoyed this tour, I would have to say that five years old is a great age for this. But older kids seemed to enjoy it also!

Real furs/pelts.

Activities even a teenager enjoys (by the way that is a friendship mark on his cheek).

Our tour guide telling us interesting facts and details... that I now can't remember.

Kaleb trying his hand at the bow and arrow.

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