Monday, March 5, 2012

Surgery and Recovery

On Friday March 2nd at 8am I checked into post/op for my day surgery. I must admit I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be. Things went smoothly, I was checked in, went through the process of getting prepared for surgery, gown, vitals, EKG, hair net.... then the walk to the pre-surgery room. That wait seemed a little longer. The anesthesioligist came over and described the process to me, although I couldn't tell you now what he said other than the fact I would be asleep for the whole procedure. The Doctor came by, took a look at the veins in my left arm and made some marks on my arm. Then he asked me where my belt/pants sit on my waist and I showed him, and he told me he would make the incision under that line... wasn't that nice of him? Then came the IV and they moved me into the surgery room, I remember being moved onto the narrow table and that was it.
I woke up approximately 3 hours later with someone continously calling my name. There was a lot of talk going on around my head and I didn't quite understand it. Something about "she's not doing well", and "she's fine while shes awake and then it drops". I'm still not sure what that was all about, oxygen level perhaps? But whatever it was it got me an overnight stay in the hospital.
Once in my lovely shared hospital room the Doctor that performed my surgery came in and asked "how are you doing? Does your back hurt?". I was a little confused by that question... my back didn't hurt but then again I was full of morphine so nothing hurt, yet.When I told him my back didn't hurt he said "well then I suppose I can tell you what happened in surgery". He informed me that at some point during the surgery I started struggling, broke the straps that where holding me down and half way fell off the table before they got me back on (they most likely being the Doctor, three nurses and anesthesiologist). For some reason he didn't sound very excited about the next surgeries we have to do. I wonder why?

So what exactly did I have done and why? I don't feel like giving a big explanation because frankly I'm in pain. But I will tell you I had a catheter placed in my abdomen for doing peritoneal dialysis and that they tried to create a fistula in my arm (by sewing together an artery and vein) for hemodialysis down the road (back up). I say tried, because it didn't work. The blood isn't pulsing through and they will have to try the right arm next time unless a miracle happens (which I am praying for).

Now who wants to see pictures of my owies once the 'band aids' are off? Taking votes now!


  1. OH, sweetie...ugh! This whole post just makes me wanna give you a giant hug! We're definitely going to kick up the prayers. Let me know if you need anything; I can bring you some dinner one of these nights.

  2. I wish I lived closer so I could come over and help you out! I am thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery. Love you.

    oh and I vote for owies.

  3. Sounds like quite an ordeal! Praying for you!!