Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sick Toddler

My youngest son Kirby who is two and a half years old has been suffering from recurring fevers and associated leg pain for the last 7 weeks. Generally what happens is he gets pain in usually his left leg, then a fever (or vice versa) ranging from 99.9-102.5. He also complains of stomache pain and tends to be lethargic during this. The fevers last anywhere from 1-3 days and once it is gone he is his normal self again for 3-7 days. He has had approximately 10 of these 'episodes' in the last 6-7 weeks.

On March 4th my husband and I took Kirby to the Mary Bridge Childrens hospital in Tacoma. They did various blood tests, urine test, took xrays of his left leg and a chest xray (the chest xray was to rule out pneumonia as he was having a cough at that time as well). The ER Doctor didn't know what was causing the symptoms, her suggestions where maybe he just picked up multiple viruses.... (I dont believe that for a moment, btw), a possibility it could be a bone infection although nothing showed up on the xray. Other than that she said she didn't know and we should follow up with his primary care provider (PCP).

So far we haven't been able to follow up with the PCP because we are 'inbetween' Doctors right now due to insurance issues. April 1st I will take him to his regular Doctor and hopefully they can start looking into the matter further. In the meantime I have been doing research online. What I have found so far does not look promising. There are other children out there that have had the same exact symptoms and these poor kids have had to do endure tests after tests after tests. Some of these kids have had these symptoms their entire life from early infancy through their middle child years (12 yrs) and one I read about is a 16 year old who still suffers from these symptoms. In most all of the cases I read, there is some kind of variation of the symptoms (including the length of time inbetween, but the most common is one episode a month), but all in all the underlying symptoms, recurring fever and leg pain are the same. I pray that Kirby's problem is not the same as these other children (although the symptoms do fit) and that he will be healed without much more suffering. I hate seeing my children in pain!

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